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Mark Jennings mjtn@charter.net
Thu, 25 Nov 2004 20:13:18 -0600

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Hello everybody,

I'd sincerely like to wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving, too.  Like many 
others, I enjoyed the food and fun today.  And McQuita, I appreciate you 
reminding us of the real deal.  To me, the real meaning of Thanksgiving is 
that this is the day to "officially recognize" that all good things come 
from above.  I'm so thankful for my faith, great kids, a great family, good 
health, I'm not a pauper, and I live in a free country.  And I pray I'll 
become more and more thankful, and never, ever take any good thing for 
granted.  I had a great time with my family today at lunch.  ("Dinner" to 
those of us here in the southeast).  Now, I'm going over for supper with 
some old friends who are here in Tennessee, visiting from Florida.

I hope y'all don't mind if I get "personal" ...

We've all got something to be thankful for, even my 85 year old grandmother 
who got hurt.  Last week, she was hanging some draperies in her house (... 
I call them "sheers"  ??).  She was walking with the rod held high above 
her head (but not high enough, apparently) and tripped on one of them and 
fell onto the corner of her coffee table and broke 2 ribs.  After 2 days in 
the hospital and some tests, she's now in the nursing home.  *NOT* for good 
- but for therapy of some sort.  I stopped by to visit her again today, and 
she's still in good spirits.  Last week, she said that as soon as she fell, 
she thanked the Lord that she didn't hurt/break her hip - or back - or 
neck.  When I've visited her there in the nursing home, she says something 
about "all these poor, pitiful people who have to stay here for the rest of 
their days.  I feel so sorry for them."

Of course, broken bones are painful.  But - broken ribs for an 85 year 
old?!  It *has* to be very frustrating when taking more than a shallow 
breath is very painful.   And speaking of frustration ..... anyone who has 
to push a button - and then wait, sometimes several minutes - every time 
you need to "go" is very inconvenient, to say the least.  But she's got 
such a good attitude.  I can tell it's very difficult for her, but she's in 
very good spirits, and *I* think it's because she CHOOSES to be.  That's 
the way she's always been.  Of course, she has had times in life when it 
was impossible not to cry, etc., but .......  I'll just sum this up with 
something I've learned by observing her life, as well as a few other 
people.  Some of the best ways of coping with bad times are;  1). 
prayer  2). helping others who are worse off, and  3). finding something to 
laugh about even when you feel like screaming your lungs out.

I just said all of this to remind everyone that we can always be thankful 
because there are always people who are worse off, no matter how bad things 

Mark J.

>I bet they do smell good! Mom does the baking here, brother fries the 
>turkey, I do the side dishes. I have a corn casserole in the oven now, in 
>my Shawnee corn casserole dish no less, LOL. Dont know if ya'll know who 
>Paula Deen is, has a show on food tv. Its one of here recipes, rated 5 
>stars. I'll let ya'll know how it tastes tomorrow, LOL
>Have a nice evening.

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