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Wed, 2 Mar 2005 17:21:04 -0600

On Mar 2, 2005, at 4:54 PM, Kevin Reffitt wrote:

> Someone is NOT paying attention.  McCoy never did a check apron, the 
> collar was never painted, cookies should not be painted.
> Let me tell you...I've WATCHED Roger do that paint scheme.  This is 
> HIS jar.  That counterfeit scheme is as common as dirt...all done by 
> Roger Jensen.
> Look at 7303268392 and 7303060597 just as an example of this paint 
> scheme.  If you guys accept the jar on that cover, then you have just 
> made ALL of Roger's check jars legitimate.  This, I'm sure, will just 
> make Roger's day...as that check pattern is his "pride and joy".
> If checks are acceptable, then no one should have a problem for this 
> jar #3782178054 selling for $163.80
> Come on guys, I'm working too dang hard to educate people to accept 
> "so called" experts doing what has just been done here.  That author 
> has just authenticated all Roger's jars done in that scheme.
> I'm outraged, and you should be also.

With all due respect, I am not sure I follow your logic here.  The book 
in question is called: "Warman's Cookie Jars: Identification And Price 
Guide "

Product Details

	 	Paperback: 256 pages
	 	Publisher: Krause Publications  (December 9, 2004)
	 	ISBN: 0873498011
	 	Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 8.3 x 0.7 inches
	 	Shipping Weight: 2.0 pounds.

I see nothing in product details about this book that say it is a book 
about "McCoy" pottery.  I see nothing that says it is about "fake" or 
"reproduction" pottery.  I see nothing that says it is about "antique" 
or "authentic" pottery.  Further to this, there is nothing on the cover 
that says that the "Mammy" pictured is a McCoy, a Fake, a Jensen, or 
otherwise.  At first glance I see no false claims being made, and I see 
nothing misleading.  In fact there is nothing on the cover to indicate 
that this book contains anything other than what it says it does; 
"Cookie Jars".  It's an identification and price guide for "cookie 
jars".  Not McCoy exclusively, but "cookie jars" in general.

Here are some editorial reviews from Amazon:

"Product Description:
With their origins dating back to 18th Century British biscuit  jars, 
American-made cookie jars are fun, frivolous and  fabulously 
collectible. Cookie jars as we know them today were  only popularized 
in the U.S. around the time of the Great  Depression. Today, stoneware 
cookie jars made by Brush, Hull, McCoy and others are highly prized by 

Featuring thousands of cookie jars by all the major  manufacturers, 
valued and captured in full color, Warman's  Vintage Cookie Jars is the 
most complete volume available for  collectors. The book includes 
history, current values,  information on fakes and reproductions, marks 
and much  more. Presenting a visual and textual history of this unique  
kitchen art form, this book will prove to be as wonderful as the treats 
pulled from the cookie jars themselves."

So again, nothing here that is out of the ordinary.  Nothing that makes 
any claims that are outlandish.  So the book is about "cookie jars", 
all kinds of cookie jars in fact.

I have followed this thread quietly awaiting the outcome, but all along 
I just assumed (it's the artist in me) that whoever the "artist" was 
that put the book together wanted a nice "fresh", good looking and 
highly recognizable cookie jar on the cover.  They probably wanted it 
to look new in keeping with a clean look on the cover.  After all if 
you were gonna buy a book about old muscle cars, would you want a old 
beat up Mustang on the cover or some fully restored, and pristine 
looking Mustang with all the bells and whistles.. Forget the fact that 
the paint on the car pictured was not even made back then, or the tires 
on the car pictured are not the original bias ply.

Anyway, I am fairly certain this is quite innocent, and not 
intentional.  I have word that this is in fact an actual McCoy Mammy 
that is picture however, it has indeed been touched up for the photo.  
If you look at a larger high quality picture of this jar (I have seen 
one) you can clearly see that the quality is far and above anything 
Jensen could possible squeak out of his basement.

If this were a book solely on McCoy Pottery or McCoy Cookie Jars and 
this image were pictured, then I suppose I can see where someone would 
take issue.  As it stands, I am not really going to get bent out of 
shape because of this photo.  It's just not that big of a deal.  
Purists aside, I just do not think it is a big deal.

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