[Mccoypottery-talk] Re: Fake sellers

Kevin Reffitt kreffitt@pbtcomm.net
Tue, 04 Apr 2006 13:57:41 -0400

Maybe, or maybe not.  It may not be so simple for them now.

eBay validates seller accounts by phone number and banking account 
number.  If a seller is running multiple accounts, and then gets axed 
on all of them, just how many new phone numbers and bank accounts can 
they come up with?  eBay WILL reject a new account with a previously 
used and NARU'ed phone and/or bank account number.

The Roger Jensen accounts are a good example.  He can't get an 
account any longer under his own name, and he can't get a bank 
account. He has used up all his acquaintances info on his other eBay 
accounts which are now NARU.  He keeps trying to use other people's 
information, but how many of his "friends" will continue to allow 
Roger to trash THIER account information on eBay.

Every time we eject one of these creeps from eBay, it's harder for 
them to come back.  That's why you have to continue to bang on them, 
report them, harass them.  Don't become frustrated, don't give up.

Kudos to whoever got 'em this time!


At 12:57 PM 4/4/06, you wrote:

>On Apr 4, 2006, at 7:25 AM, lauriegal@comcast.net wrote:
>>lets just hope the bums don't regroup under other names and go for
>>it again.
>That unfortunately is what will likely happen.
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