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Rules for Online Conduct
Mailing List Guidelines


Rules for Online Conduct
By participating in any of McCoyPottery Online's Mailing Lists, you agree to follow our Rules for Online Conduct. We ask all of our users to work with us to make this a useful and positive place for everyone.

  1. The List Administrator has the final say
      The List Administrator is responsible for maintaining the level of content quality and interaction within the list. Each List Administrator welcomes your opinions and comments, and reserves the right to edit, delete, or remove users from the list who are not adhering to our Rules for Online Conduct.

      The List Administrator is responsible for monitoring the list. When appropriate they will close out a discussion or declare a topic inappropriate for the list.

      If you have a problem with something going on, contact the List Administrator. List users can make suggestions to the List Administrator, but only the Administrator can set policy, and the List Administrator has final say.

  2. Stay on topic
      The purpose of the mailing list is to share information related to a particular topic. When contributing, please keep all contributions related to the topic of the list.
  3. Use appropriate language.
      We ask users to be sensitive to others and keep their language under control. These are public forums and we ask that the language used on our lists be appropriate for public usage.

      The purpose of this list is to constructively communicate and discuss issues of common interest. We do not tolerate bullying, harassment, abusive or insulting posts, or any attempt to intimidate others or prevent them from expressing their views.

      Please allow others the ability to to express their views as they allow you to express yours.

      Private e-mail is held to the same standards as list postings: If we get complaints about a user sending private e-mail that is abusive or harassing, the user sending the abusive e-mail may be removed from the list.

      If a List Administrator asks you to tone down your language, please cooperate.

  4. Do not post copyrighted material
      It's illegal to post material from newspapers, magazines, online services or wire services to mailing list. Unless you have explicit permission to redistribute the information, do not post it to any mailing lists. We suggest users post the URL to the article and a short summary of the article to the list and allow users to go look up the original source themselves.

      For more information on copyrighted material, and what you can and cannot legally do, we recommend you visit the Nolo Press page on copyrights at, or You can also get information on copyrights and fair use at Stanford's Copyright and Fair Use site at

      Repeat offenders will be removed from the list.

  5. Do not post virus warnings!
      Most of the virus warnings distributed around the net are hoaxes.

      Do not post it yourself under any circumstances. These warnings should be sent to the List Administrator for evaluation.

      Any user who posts a virus warning will be removed from the lists. (please take a hint that we're serious about stamping this garbage out).

      For more information on viruses and Internet hoaxes, please see:

  6. Do not post chain letters
      Chain letters are not permitted on any of our mailing lists. If you post a chain letter of any type, you will be kicked off the list. This includes forwarding any kind of mass mailing, any message encouraging users to contact a user or group or any message that encourages others to re-send the letter to other people or lists.

      Hint: Craig Shergold is not a kid, not sick, and whatever hospital the latest version of this hoax is attached to is sick and tired of getting the postcards.

  7. Use of e-mail addresses of our list subscribers.
      We explicitly deny permission for any person or organization to use the e-mail addresses of our subscribers for any purpose other than communicating with them about messages posted to the mailing list. Our users have subscribed to the mailing lists because they are interested in the topic of the list. Their e-mail addresses may be used for no other purpose.

      They may not be placed in any database, or used in any way that is independent of our mailing lists. Our mailing lists are private, proprietary data, and we will do everything in our power to protect them from misuse, abuse, or spamming.

      Anyone found violating this policy, or found sending commercial mail to addresses taken from our lists, will be banned from our lists as a spammer and reported to their site admins.






Mailing List Guidelines
Here are a few tips to help you in posting more effective messages to our mailing lists.

  1. Keep your messages short
      Keep your messages short. Few messages need to be longer than two screens of text. The longer your message is, the fewer people will read it.
  2. Spelling and grammar ARE important
      This is a written environment, and how you write something is as important as what you say

      If it's worth saying to others, it's worth taking a little time to make it readable.

      On the Internet, typing in all capital letters is considered shouting, so you should avoid doing this.
  4. Do Not Send Attachments to the list:
      Please do not send .jpg, .gif, .html, files through the list. By attaching documents to your posts you fill up users email boxes with large files, thus causing delays in mail delivery and possible damage to the list server. If you must send an attachment, send it only to those individuals that request it, but not through the list itself.
  5. Keep Subject lines relevant
      Please use a Subject that matches the content of your message. As discussions continue, they sometimes wander. When they do, change the Subject line to match.
  6. Please keep the length of lines to 75 characters or less.
      Please limit the length of lines in your message to 75 characters or less. If your e-mail client doesn't wrap text for you, then make sure you hit returns at the end of lines. Long lines may look okay on your computer, but on many computers, they make a message unreadable.
  7. Don't guess an answer.
      If you aren't positive what the answer is, don't speculate or guess. Let someone who does know answer it instead, or go research the question to make sure. Don't guess, because you may be wrong, and someone may believe you.
  8. Edit included messages in replies
      If you include quoted material, edit it ruthlessly. When you respond to a message, quote the relevant part(s) as part of your message, but only that part.
  9. Keep Signatures Short
      Five or six lines is okay. Longer is questionable. Keep your content within good taste so you don't offend the other members of the list.
  10. This is a public forum
      Please remember that this is a public forum, and act accordingly.
  11. More information on mailing list Netiquette
      Here are a few more places you can look for information on how to fit in with the Internet society:
For more advanced subscribtion options or to edit your current account, please click here

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Rules for Online Conduct
Mailing List Guidelines
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