walte79@ibm.net walte79@ibm.net
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 16:43:51 -0400

Hello all,
I am a new comer to the McCoy collectible world.  I really got a kick
out all of the comments on repros and e-bay.  I collect string holders
and Dick and Jane items also.  I agree with the person who stated that
you should not buy if there is not a picture.    But add to that a very
"good" picture.  In the case of pottery, perhaps the seller should post
a good clear picture of the item and a picture of the bottom showing any
markings if they can (provided the markings will show up in a photo).
When dealing with books, I only buy if there is are several pictures to
include the front and back cover along with pages that may be soiled.
The string holders are subject to repros also and the prices tend to run
high on-line.  The best weapon is to be knowledgeable on the items you
wish to collect.  But even the best get fooled sometime.  Then you just
have to chalk it up to lessons learned.  Anyone familiar with the phrase
"buying a pig in a poke"?



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