McCoy, McCoy, McCoy

Mon, 19 Apr 1999 14:00:52 -0400 (EDT)

I can live with those prices easily.  I have neither the pussy at the
well nor the spinning wheel planter anymore.  I doubt if I will ever
replace the #3026 cat planter. If I had realized how rare it was, guess
I would never have used it.  Book value is WAY UP THERE.
Did get that common NM little bowl-shaped planter for $1.00 at a flea
market Saturday.
We went to an auction on Saturday where 3 vases sold that were probably
brown-glaze Loy-Nel Art.  We didn't get there soon enough to look at
them and couldn't get close enough when they were sold.  It was so cold
in this unheated fairgrounds building we didn't stay.
Karen, if the graduation is in Westerville, we can head up that way to
meet you if we don't have anything else come up.  I forget what date you
gave me.  When I know, I will check my calendar.  Elizabeth


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