accumulated pottery
Tue, 30 May 2000 17:56:53 EDT

Thanks for the suggestions...I, too, have found my share of pottery really 
cheap! (That's how I've accumulated too much in such a short time!) (You 
know, you're thinking, Gee, it's so cheap, I can't pass it up!) But I have 
started passing it up! 

I have to tell you, though, what keeps you going is an experience like I had 
when I first started looking for McCoy...(I guess it was beginner's luck) I 
walked into a thrift store & this lady has a McCoy magnolia vase in her glass 
case by the register! I asked to see it, it had no cracks & only a couple of 
very tiny flea bites on it. She said she got it from her mother's attic, that 
her mother had given her some stuff to give her started as she had just 
opened up her store! I kept my poker face on as she told me that it was kinda 
expensive since it was such a nice vase, and she'd have to ask me $25.00 for 

It sits proudly in my curio cabinet....(tee hee!)  Thanks again everyone for 
all the suggestions!


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