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> Hi..
> Here is an old history on Treasure Craft I did a few years ago.
> Not sure how much info you want but:
> TC has been through many changes in the past few years. It was purchased
> Pfaltzgraff and then sold to three main principals that were with the
> original TC company. They operated the company for about a year or two and
> had to sell it last year. It is now owned by a
> company in Spokane Washington, who is still using the TC name on the
> jars. (I am blank right now on the company name, but it is known for
> selling plastic housewares, etc. -- not collectibles or ceramics)
> Many of their older pieces are reminiscent of the old Twin Winton pieces,
> e.g. brown, etc. but those items have never really grown much
> in values.
> One of the original designers of TC, also was with Holt Howard in the
> beginning and helped design some of those pieces.  I am going to e doing
> another interview with him in the next week.
> bc
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