[Mccoypottery-talk] New NHN book

Barbara Griffin barbwire@airnwire.com
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 19:12:18 -0500

I searched for this book on Amazon.com but didn't come up with the #3 book.
I have the other 2.  Can you help with finding it for me and others?
Barbara Griffin
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Subject: [Mccoypottery-talk] New NHN book

> I just received my new NHN book today.  It is a beautiful addition to my
> library.  It is 320 pages so is the same size as Vol. I & II.  It has
> 100 wonderful pages of the catalog pages, so in this day of
> reproductions you have the old catalog pages themselves to look at and
> they give wonderful sizes.  It has a terrific index , so many items are
> listed, and then it gives you the page in Vol. I, II, III to look it up.
> It also has very good pictures of the marks on the pots.  I was glad to
> have the Floraline designs given also because so many people seem to not
> consider them McCoy.
> Chiquita Preswood is also pictured.  She is always so good to answer
> questions here.
> My only gripe with the book is the same as the other 2, they have dogs
> and stuff that really distracts from the McCoy. But is a small price to
> pay for such a wonderful book other wise.
> If any of you do not have a good list of all the different marks used by
> McCoy over the years I have most of them scanned into my computer and
> would be more that glad to send to any of you if you just ask.
> I ordered my book from Amazon.com a couple of months ago and was
> notified Tues. that it was ready to ship and was really surprised when
> it got here today.  The book was $19.96 and the shipping $4.48 for a
> total of $24.44.  You can order it from any book store.
> I really enjoyed my first journey through it now to go back and go
> slower! Betty in Iowa
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