[Mccoypottery-talk] Biagi-Yard Sales

Ann Clark aclark@ultravision.net
Sun, 30 Sep 2001 10:13:49 -0500

Thanks so much, Chiquita!  I do appreciate this.  In looking around, I thin=
k what I thought was Red Riding Hood was, in fact, a Dutch Girl.  (Obviousl=
y, I am such a novice) I will certainly look into the book.  Just curious, =
would the Brush Cow with the kitten be worth $850?
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  Ann and everyone else. McCoy didn't make a red riding hood so if you see =
it and it's marked McCoy, run away from it....unless you choose to confront=
 the seller about selling fakes.  Brush did make the cow with kitten on it'=
s back but it's not McCoy...it's Brush.  I don't know if the reproducers ha=
ve done it and marked it McCoy or not....Beware...Hanson/Nissen/Hanson, vol=
. 2...is a wonderful and up-to-date book that includes McCoy cookie jars.  =
Would make a good guide for you to study....If it's not there, chances it i=
s NOT a mccoy cookie jar.  Chiquita=20

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