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In the HNH books they show all the marks ever used by McCoy and there is on=
e that is like the one on this jar.  I am not saying this is a McCoy jar bu=
t at one time they did have the mark in the funny lettering. Betty the Okie=
 in Iowa
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  The Mark looks  real   not  the usual   crappy   one  but I   can't be sh=
ure  but I  do see he has several  that could be  fakes   He is not from Fa=
yes area   he is  in the northeast    she is   in the south   Tenn I think.=
  but   hey  they ccan buy  this  stuff almost   anywhere   I am  stil tryi=
ng to ferret out   where they are being   sent to  for resale.  This stuff =
is being Mass produced  and its only a matter of time before the repo place=
 here  gets some if they  aren't already I plan to  make a trip  up  there =
to check them out.   take a look at this  mark on this Jar   this one you  =
 know is   not  the real one  its all  disfigured  the  letters are  too  c=
  Tom Walker wrote:=20

       I need more sleep!!!!!Ebay item #744098725Do ya'll think this might =
be Faye up to her old tricks againThe region matches and it is a private au=
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