[Mccoypottery-talk] Brush McCoy Books...

Mark/Kelly Clark mark3@tcac.com
Wed, 23 Jan 2002 10:16:38 -0600

I have two books on Brush-McCoy and I think they are wonderful:  Sanford's =
Guide to Brush-McCoy Pottery (Books 1 and 2).  Book 1 gives background/hist=
ory, datelines, catalog pages and extensive pictures of Brush-McCoy pieces.=
  Book 2 was put together due to more catalog pages and pottery pieces bein=
g discovered after the publication of Book 1 and collectors asking for more=
 information.  Both of my books contain updated price guides dated 1996-199=
7.  It was wonderful to finally get a source to thumb through only to find =
many of my mystery pieces were Brush and actually related in some way to my=
 McCoy collection!=20=20

After you learn to recognize Brush, it is still fairly cheap compared to th=
e more popular American Pottery.  What is thrilling for me is I started col=
lecting McCoy when it was considered a "poor man's antique" and only going =
for a few bucks for most pieces.  I'm 38 now and I can't get over how much =
the value of McCoy has quadrupled in such a short period of time!  I would =
almost bet the same will happen to Brush as I'm seeing dealers start to mar=
k their pieces "Brush" with a slightly higher price tag than a few years ag=
o.  New pottery collectors would probably do well investment-wise to start =
buying Brush when really inexpensive.  Stick to mint pieces and not damaged=
.  I know I'm going to grab up the good cheap ones I run into - you can sti=
ll find them in thrift stores unrecognized now and then.

As far as McCoy books, I've seen we all have our favorite and mine is Sanfo=
rd's Guide to McCoy Pottery (red cover).  I absolutely love this book and I=
 HATE HNH's books because of the same reasons someone wrote about earlier: =
 stupid pet/trinket photos and very difficult to do research in due to the =
way the books are organized.  Sanford's has a wonderful index in the back a=
nd you can find just about any McCoy right away.  HNH's it takes going page=
 to page...

I don't add my two-cents worth often but always seem to type a book when I =
do - Sorry!  I'm home with a toddler all day and obviously crave adult McCo=
y conversation!!!  I did want to say thanks to you old-timers who know all =
of the answers!  We are learning so much...


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