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Patti, Greg (Jim) & sync-hronicity jplev1@home.com
Wed, 23 Jan 2002 13:54:33 -0500

Dealers are   Marking  Brush  up higher because they are   under the
misconception that Brush    was  always MCCoy  .  It is actually
bordering on   unethical and misleading    if they   say it is  "Rare"
Brush- McCoy if indeed it is  just marked   Brush. Especially if they
add this     to an auction listing.. My BH    gets very Embarrased if we
are    at a  flea and I see this    done I will    tell the dealer
right out    that they are wrong   and   tell them   exactly    what
the "book" value on a Brush piece is  LOL.. I Am a very   (too  much so
sometimes )  honest person I  do  dislike seeing dealers   get high
prices  from unsuspecting inexperienced collectors this way..I also
hate to see   book value marked on a  piece when     book value is
not  true  value  ..  books are guides   a rule of thumb is   the value
of an item    depends on   how much a   collector is willing to pay for
it..   the values go up and down   depending on area etc.  A did you
know trivia fact is  values  in California for most  pottery are
supposed to  estimated much lower due to the    earthquakes  braking it
all the time !!
There is  a  guide for  Just the  Brush Pottery Company also   I bought
mine     in  98   from the atlantic  book warehouse. I will  try and
see if I can find another source for this book   it is good to have
when  buying Brush    because it does show   how to  Identify
unmarked  Brush and the differences in  glazes and colors   from other
Pottery    companies with similar items .
Another   Pottery mistake or    description    faux pas is     with
Roseville Pottery   Dealers    list  RRPCO pottery as  Roseville
because  it is Marked Roseville Ohio  .
Roseville Pottery was not made in Roseville Ohio!  It was made In
Zanesville Ohio RRPCO; Robinson Randsbottom Pottery company   is also
still  in production   they make     lots of stoneware dishes ,
crocks, Pitchers,   bowls   etc.   many with a  sponge ware effect .
Pretty  but   new   something to be  on the lookout for when  buying
older  RRPCO who bought   some of the  mccoy molds  and stored some of
the old RRPCO stuff and molds etc. in the former    McCoy  factory
until it  burned down In  1999. Haeger   bought   lot of the  McCoy
molds  when it closed   so many   Haeger pieces are almost  exact
replicas of  some McCoy except for their glazes and colors. LOL I do
tend to go on too long      I  get carried away    because I  love
pottery  and     try to  read my books  from cover to cover   and get
Know   most   of what is in them .  Have a good day  why I have time
to    reply today  : .) Patti
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