[Mccoypottery-talk] Fakes flooding the auctions sites!

Wed, 23 Jan 2002 14:09:57 EST

I love getting the emails about what is going on with the McCoy pieces!  I 
recently purchased a (ugh) Snow White Cookie Jar by "McCoy" on Yahoo 
Auctions.  I did this BEFORE I bought my collector references books.  Anyway, 
within 24 hours of winning this cookie jar, I was told by some of you great 
folks (thank you!) that McCoy never even made a Snow White Cookie Jar.  Now 
that I have these reference books, I am getting myself straightened out!  
However, I am truly alarmed at the number of pieces being sold as McCoy on 
Ebay and Yahoo Auctions these days!  These new repros even have crazing with 
them to make them look old!  I have notified the proper channels on these 
auction sites about what I know but nothing is being done.  Does anybody know 
WHY this is allowed?  People are paying (not unlike me) absurd prices for 
fakes, repros and fantasy pieces.  I know how I felt getting ripped off so 
badly (the seller of the Snow White cookie jar would NOT refund my payment, 
told me "tough luck" essentially) and hate to see it happen to so many 
others!  Any ideas of what can be done?  Would a number of us complaining to 
these auction sites make any difference?  Appreciate any insight into this, 
thanks!  Have a good one!  Barb

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