[Mccoypottery-talk] Prices and a Pitcher

Ann Clark aclark@ultravision.net
Tue, 29 Jan 2002 21:22:20 -0600

Oh, I have fond memories of Lambertville....and I am in Texas....had friends
who live there....such a quaint, wonderful little place!  Never shopped for
pottery...just shopped!  Ann
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> Lambertville Ah ha   yep  I like it there aometimes  but    the dealers
there are notorious for
> overcharging       at over book why because   they sell to   the NY
tourists  LOL. the best time
> to hit lambertville is  after 12 noon when the dealers    will  lower
prices     to get rid of
> stuff.. Many there    don't    know about half  of what they sell  and
many   make it up as
> the  go by  looking at other dealers prices..  Saturdays    Not sundays
there are the best
> bargain days . Rarely do I  ever find a deal in Lambertville on Pottery
unless it    near the
> end of the day . Jim  drags me there   we wind up  walking the whole area
both of the  fleas
> (they really aren't fleas)   ..   and most of the time  leave  empty
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