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Sat, 3 Jan 2004 16:23:57 -0500

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 3. I would also consider starting a web page for my "shop", but am fairly
sad in the design department.  Should I just down load the one that Yahoo or
MSN offer, do I need a "domain"?
You need to have MS Front Page, Dream Weaver or know HTML mark up
(preferably 2 of the 3).  And you really don't need anything more than what
eBay will give you.  You can do templates and set up a store on eBay and an
"about me" page.  Mine needs updating......<G>

4.  What's the difference between paying monthly fees or yearly fees to have
the web site?
If you buy a domain, it costs around $150.00 per year to maintain.  That
includes the domain name plus hosting.  If you are serious about getting
your own website up, email me privately and I can help you, but it ain't
easy!  I've been doing a web site of one sort or another for around 10 years
now and it is still hard to do for me.

 5. I think my local server told us we could have a web page when we first
went with them, but now can't find how to do it on their site or get them to
answer emails.
If they won't answer your emails, the very FIRST thing you need to do is
find another.  Run as fast and as far from them as you can.  I just went
through this with mine.  It's very hard to be in business on line and have
to change email addresses in the middle of it all.  I went to Earthlink and
so far I really like it.  I also bought a satellite connection because I
can't get anything else "on my farm".

 6.   How did everyone else do it?  How much time does it take to maintain
A lot of time and effort and LEARNING!<G>

 7.How do you determine handling charges?  Shipping charges seem pretty
straight forward.  Do you use just one source to mail?  USP, UPS, FEDEX????
That is really up to you.  Do you charge for the boxes, peanuts, bubble?  Is
that part of your beginning auction price?  And I use USPS and FedEx with
FedEx being around 60% of the shipments.
Jennifer  & Rodney Smith
Ohio Pottery and Glassware
Baltimore Ohio

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