[Mccoypottery-talk] Re:Jensen McCoy link

david mcCoy damitboy@yahoo.com
Mon, 5 Jul 2004 12:27:09 -0700 (PDT)

Hello everyone,
I have to say that I have only been a member of this
list for a few months. Had I known what was going on
with the letter writing campaign, I would have gladly
been invloved and if it ever comes up again, ya'll can
count me in!!!
Dave--- Kevin Reffitt <kreffitt@pbtcomm.net> wrote:
> Chiquita,
> Sorry, I got a little peeved there.
> No, the site he had at jensenmccoy.com was really
> ours.  We paid for, and 
> was never reimbursed for, a site that featured his
> "new" products under the 
> Jensen McCoy mark.  When we left, we took the site
> down.  He had a presence 
> at http://www.wholesalecentral.com , but it looks
> like he's gone from there 
> also.
> Chiquita, this is not directed at you, but to the
> list in general.  Last 
> year I was involved in a major battle with the City
> of Wagener over it's 
> unwillingness to do anything about Roger and his
> business.  Not only was he 
> hurting the collector, but he was taking advantage
> of the local people.  I 
> posted on this list just a few things that he was
> involved in, like abusing 
> handicapped individuals, and violating child labor
> law.
> The mayor of Wagener refused to hear our plea to do
> something about this 
> jerk, saying that he doesn't see the harm Roger was
> causing with his 
> product (he completely ignored the mounting evidence
> of his local 
> abuses).  I had a GREAT idea, and asked for the help
> of this list.  I 
> provided a mailing address to the Town of Wagener,
> and asked the list 
> members to write our mayor and explain just HOW
> Roger was hurting the 
> collectors.  I asked that not only THEY write, but
> pass the word on to 
> others that might want to help.
> The mayor received, by my count, ONE (1) letter.
> Here we had a chance to make a difference, to really
> do something about the 
> problem, and we cast our chance aside.  We had a
> chance to take a stab at 
> the heart of the fake market, and failed ourselves.
> We will NEVER make a difference going after the ebay
> seller that sells 
> Roger's jars.  They can buy these jars at quite a
> few wholesale outlets. 
> and are just selling what is available to them. 
> Can't blame them for 
> trying to make a buck in this economy.  The blame
> falls on the manufacturer 
> that scratches McCoy on the bottom of his jars, and
> now the blame falls on us.
> If we are unwilling to even take a few moments out
> of our lives to write a 
> real, stamp on the envelope, business class letter,
> then fingering the end 
> seller is pointless.
> This is why I haven't started the series of articles
> I promised.  I've been 
> feeling like nobody really cares, except for
> gossip's sake.
> Getting off soapbox....
> Kevin
> At 12:36 PM 7/5/04, you wrote:
> >I know that Kevin, does he have a site that can be
> used for identification 
> >of what he's producing?

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