[Mccoypottery-talk] Re:Jensen McCoy link

Cunningham, Beth Beth.Cunningham@EKU.EDU
Tue, 6 Jul 2004 10:31:00 -0400

Kevin, I did write to the Mayor of Wagener.  If that "one" letter wasn't
from me, then there is another problem in your town.  I certainly hope
that others took the few minutes to write a letter, and I would be
pained to think that they didn't.  Beth in KY=20


Chiquita, this is not directed at you, but to the list in general.  Last
year I was involved in a major battle with the City of Wagener over it's
unwillingness to do anything about Roger and his business.  Not only was
he hurting the collector, but he was taking advantage of the local
people.  I posted on this list just a few things that he was involved
in, like abusing handicapped individuals, and violating child labor law.

The mayor of Wagener refused to hear our plea to do something about this
jerk, saying that he doesn't see the harm Roger was causing with his
product (he completely ignored the mounting evidence of his local
abuses).  I had a GREAT idea, and asked for the help of this list.  I
provided a mailing address to the Town of Wagener, and asked the list
members to write our mayor and explain just HOW Roger was hurting the
collectors.  I asked that not only THEY write, but pass the word on to
others that might want to help.

The mayor received, by my count, ONE (1) letter.

Here we had a chance to make a difference, to really do something about
the problem, and we cast our chance aside.  We had a chance to take a
stab at the heart of the fake market, and failed ourselves.


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