[Mccoypottery-talk] off topic (need suggestions)

MidwestVintage@aol.com MidwestVintage@aol.com
Fri, 16 Jul 2004 18:40:13 EDT

  Thats a tough one.  I had the exact same thing happen to me with a McCoy 
teapot I bought on the bay.  The seller got extremely nasty.  I was shocked at 
some of the emails I received.  The teapot was cracked and there were 2 chips.  
It did not happen during shipping as the chips weren't anywhere to be seen in 
the box.  This man had good feedback so I thought he would make it good but 
he got really nasty.  I reported it to ebay and sent them copies of the emails 
and pictures of the teapot I received and the listing number stating the 
teapot was mint.  It never went anywhere except to give me a upset stomach.  His 
emails were so viscious I was afraid to leave negative feedback which is what is 
he probably wanted.  I decided to just leave it alone because I hate 
situations like that.  He probably was hoping I would do exactly what I did.

  Sometimes if you paid by paypal they have buyers protection.  At least he 
offered to give you your money back but I agree he should pay shipping.  When 
you leave a negative feedback they get the last word and can make it sound like 
they did everything in their power to make you happy  and you just won't 
accept an appology.  I have seen feedback like that.  Check it you paid by paypal 
to see if their is buyers protection.  Maybe you can still cancel your payment 
and just send the item back.  You will still be out the shipping.  One of the 
hazards of buying on-line.

       Good luck and thank goodness not all sellers are like that.


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